St. 劳伦斯 students in the Adirondacks

Discover the North Country

Some colleges have Adirondack chairs. 沙巴app有阿迪朗达克山脉. St. 劳伦斯 students are serious about their academic adventures, but when they need a break, the North Country’s outdoor playground awaits.


在圣. 劳伦斯 River to the west and Lake Champlain to the east, you’ll find 纽约 State’s North Country. 作为美国.S. liberal arts university closest to an international capital, we’re the gateway to the United States for our northern neighbors, and home to the largest protected natural area in the lower 48 states: The Adirondacks.

Throughout this rural frontier you’ll find lakes, 山, 山谷, 和更多的 than 100 welcoming communities, 包括广州, 圣的所在地. 劳伦斯县 and our home.


You’ll become a part of the North Country community as you engage in local traditions, work alongside experts in Community-based Learning courses, intern and volunteer with local organizations, and explore the unique spaces that make Canton home. 

Just footsteps from campus, you’ll find beloved pizza parlors, farm-to-table 餐厅, 杂货店, and local accommodations. You’ll have opportunities to view artwork by local 艺术家, stay active on nearby walking trails, practice wellness at the yoga studio, catch a movie at the theater, or pick out a new game at the video game store. 

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or prefer the comfort of indoor spaces, there’s something for everyone all year round.


Two Saint 沙巴体育app students lay in hammocks on a sunny fall day.

秋天 in the North Country is known for its beauty thanks to the brilliant autumn colors. The scenery is perfect, especially with stunning lakes and high peaks as backdrops. Go for a drive or take a brisk hike to take in the fall foliage. 

St. 劳伦斯 students walking in the snow near a stream


Lace up your snowshoes for a winter hike, hit the cross country trail, or grab your goggles for some downhill skiing. (准备迎接挑战? Whiteface Mountain is home to the greatest vertical drop west of the Rockies!)

Students drinking sap from maple tree taps


春天 is sometimes referred to as mud season around here. Since the trails are a bit messy, it’s a great time of year to explore museums, follow the craft beverage trail, 或者开车去欣赏风景. Whitewater rafting and backpacking are popular in the late spring.



There’s nothing quite like a North Country summer. 在圣. 劳伦斯’s golf course, fish the St. 劳伦斯河, grab ice cream from a nearby shop, 在兰普森瀑布游泳, 租一辆环保自行车, or have a cookout with friends. 


Our unique locations provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore local towns, 村庄, 村庄, 主要街道, and country roads as you uncover hidden gems, support small businesses, and savor the natural beauty of St. 劳伦斯县. 

探索圣. 劳伦斯县


Check out our local and regional accommodations and dining, including charming bed-and-breakfast options, 学校附近的酒店, 受欢迎的披萨店, and elegant farm-to-table 餐厅.



This visitors guide offers details on lodging, 活动, 餐厅, 远足, and a ton of blog posts about possible experiences.



The official website for the six-million-acre natural wonderland offers historical and geological information, plus links to resources and lodging.


30 Minutes from an International Adventures

St. 劳伦斯 is just 20 minutes from the Canadian border. 当你在这里的时候, visit this Canadian city for urban exploring and outdoor recreation in the nearby countryside. 

Here are a few highlights: 

  • 国会山
  • Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site - includes the largest ice-skating rink in North America
  • Tons of guided tours - by bus, 火车, 船, 直升机, 和更多的 
  • National museums covering art, nature, history, and technology
  • Celebrations and music festivals



在圣. 劳伦斯, every student can bring a vehicle to campus or take advantage of a number of our local transportation opportunities. Check out some of these North Country locations that make a great day trip.


  • 波茨坦,N.Y.

  • Massena N.Y.
  • 马龙,N.Y.
  • 克莱顿,N.Y.
  • 沃特敦N.Y.
  • 锡拉丘兹,N.Y.
  • 普莱西德湖,美国.Y.
  • 普拉茨堡,N.Y.



  • 佛蒙特州尚普兰湖.
  • 佛蒙特州的伯灵顿.



Start your career journey right here in the North Country as you put your education into action and work alongside experts in the local community. 

Two Saint 劳伦斯 Universit students talk about careers in media with a North Country Public Radio employee.

SLU Public Interest Corps (SLU PIC)

We’ll link you with North Country organizations during this 10-week paid summer internship that also provides on-campus housing for participants. 

A Saint 沙巴体育app class meets outside in The Adirondack Park on a sunny day.


Live and learn in our off-the-grid yurt village in the heart of the Adirondacks.

St. 劳伦斯 student working with young people


作为圣. 劳伦斯县, you’ll experience the inner-workings of local politics. 最棒的部分? The local internship opportunities don’t end there. 


A professor guides a small group of students as they examine vegetables grown on our farm.


Think globally and act locally in our low-impact, renovated farmhouse, located five miles off-campus. 

Laurentian holding basket of vegetables

Community-Based Learning

From first-year seminars to courses across all disciplines, you’ll experience in-class topics in real life under the guidance of North Country businesses and organizations. 

Your North Country Bucket List

With thousands of possibilities within reach (some more than 4,000 feet!), we put together a list of some of our favorite North Country 活动.  最棒的部分 about this bucket list? You'll have four years to check everything off—though you might find yourself discovering more things to add as you go along. 

A Saint 沙巴体育app student, wearing white rubber gloves, delicately handles historic papers under the guidance of a mentor.


Cascading waterfalls on a bright fall day. Two students sit at the top of the falls. There are pine trees and fall foliage along the falls.



Take Part in a Local Tradition or Event



Two standing in an apply orchard, wearing masks and holding baskets for apples.

Pick apples at a nearby orchard

Jill Breit converses with five Saint 沙巴体育app students at the Traditional Arts in Upstate 纽约 Center in Canton, 纽约.

Make North Country Connections

Work alongside local organizers, 提倡, 艺术家, and educators as you gain hands-on experience during a local internship, 志愿者的机会, or community-based learning class. 

A group of students stand at a ledge overlooking Adirondack 山 and lakes.

Hike one of the Adirondack Peaks

A student skis down a rail on a snowy mountain.

Ski down Whiteface or Titus Mountain

religious studies class examines a thangka painting in the gallery

Attend a Gallery Exhibit

A sweeping view overlooking the bow of a canoe and a river lined with trees on either side.

Kayak along the Grasse River

A tray of coffee ice cream in cones with small Saint 劳伦斯 flags on top.

Taste your new favorite ice cream flavor at Stewart's Shops (led by a Laurentian!)

Four friends gather for a photo on a cloudy winter day in 普莱西德湖. 普莱西德湖 is partially frozen in the background.

Take a North Country Road Trip

在短短几个小时内, you and your closest friends can take a day trip and explore all that the North Country and surrounding areas have to offer.

Student dancing on stage

Watch a Theatrical Performance

A member of TAUNY and a Saint 沙巴体育app student admire a wooden quilt created by a local artisan.

Art, Culture, and History

If you’re a history buff, 音乐爱好者, 欣赏艺术, there are plenty of opportunities for you to attend a craft show, 参观艺术画廊, 听现场音乐, and tour historical monuments and spaces throughout the North Country.

Explore Local Art, Culture, and History

Four students and a professor walk on a main street, 商店林立, on a sunny day in Canton, 纽约.


From farm-to-table 餐厅 to the famous Sergi’s pizza roll, 午夜饭, and a rise-and-shine breakfasts, the North Country has plenty of dining options to choose from to support all of your dietary needs. 

People ice skating on a canal

Our Neighbor to the North

With Canada located just a hop, 跳过, and a bridge away from campus, you can wake up in Canton and be touring Canada’s capital and enjoying its cuisine in just 90 minutes. Explore national museums, attend celebrations and music festivals, or go on guided tours by bus, 火车, 船, 直升机, 和更多的.